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The modern age has everyone connected to everything all of the time. Whether it is your laptop, cell phone, or tablet; your personal information is constantly traversing the Internet. With other concerns such as the end of net neutrality, internet service providers selling your data, and repeated data breaches in major companies; you must ask yourself, are you confident that only the people you want to see your information are seeing it? Let us help you have that confidence by securing your network, devices, communications, and social media so you can browse the web, access your data, and communicate with the peace of mind that your information is protected and private.


We offer several services designed to help you through any stage of your information security process. See what we can do to help you out below.


This is where we take a look at the current state of your device(s) and network security. Evaluations vary from customer to customer, but some of the basics include determining if you are using the proper technology to protect yourself, if your technology is configured correctly, and are you using best practices to protect your information.



A vulnerability assessment is where we use specialized technology to scan your network for vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can range from weak passwords, to unpatched operating systems or software. This is intended for small businesses more than the home user, but if you have a complex home network or just want to be extra diligent in securing your home network we can accommodate you.

Vulnerability validation is the process of determining if the identified vulnerabilities are exploitable and therefore a true threat to your environment. Often times software or procedural requirements prohibit certain levels of patching, in which case, validation will determine if there are adequate compensating controls in place to protect you.


We also offer remediation services to fix the identified issues we discover making us a one-stop shop. Remediation is an option for both home and small business users who do not have the time, expertise, or inclination to fix the issues themselves.



If you are a small business, you are subject to laws and/or regulations about how you handle your data. We will review your information security policies and make recommendations that are designed to protect your company as well as your customers.


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